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Afternoon Presentation Descriptions 2:30 - 3:30

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2:30pm – 3:30pm

Sapphire – Wearable Technologies
Glasses, watches and even headsets are being built with technology accessible for the blind or visually impaired. Bill Boules, a highly credentialed national authority on assistive technology, will discuss several types of tech currently available to take your life to the next level. Take this opportunity to learn from an expert in the industry about technology that will change the way you do things- as you wear it wherever you want to.

Garnet – High Expectations & Finding Success as a Person with Combined Hearing & Vision Loss
Meet Annette Reichman, Superintendent of the Arizona Schools for the Deaf & Blind. Annette has a unique personal and professional successes story, take this opportunity to hear it. She inspires her staff and students by setting high expectations and providing the necessary tools to find success as a person with deaf blindness.

Emerald – (Part 2) GCBVI Assistive Technology Committee: Latest Trends in Technology
Join members of the Governor’s Council on Blindness & Visual Impairment’s Assistive Technology Committee as they share the latest technology driven news about products that can assist with work and living independently. This two-part presentation is a hit year-after-year as the experience and knowledge of this group is unsurpassed. This is session 2 of 2.

Ruby – Oh My Aching Back: Ergonomics for Low-Vision
Do you lean forward when trying to see your computer screen? Do you hold your head at an odd angle to see the TV through your pinhole of vision? It is normal to use the vision you have as best as you can, but it can sometimes have unintended consequences to parts of the body like the back and neck. Join Occupational Therapist Jenny Nordine as she discusses ergonomics, vision loss and the evaluations that may be necessary to correct or minimize the strain you might be imposing on your body.

Jade – All About Social Security
Join Jack Burns, Social Security Administration Public Affairs Specialist as he delves into topics such as:
• Overview of retirement, disability and benefits for family members of a retired or disabled worker.
• Social Security’s Definition of Disability and Blindness.
• Services for blind and visually-impaired individuals.
• Services available online

Diamond A - Vision Workshop Presented by SPRINT
Discover steps you can take to LOVE your life. Live the life you love: whether health, relationship, vocation, or time and money freedom, what is your dream? Let’s dream!
Diamond B – Tips for Getting Hired – A Panel for Blind Job Seekers
Join a panel of successful people who are blind (and those who work to assist individuals who are blind and visually impaired) to become employed. Ask questions and receive expert advice to find and attain the job you’ve been working towards.

The Vault:
You are invited for a hands on demonstration of wonderful independent living tools. This is happening throughout the day as volunteers show off their personal tools, and how they utilize them to enhance life with blindness and visual impairment. Some of the items will include kitchen tools, time keeping options, games, medical devices and some things you will want to check out. Enjoy a chance to try these items for yourself at your own pace.


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