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After Lunch Presentations 1:15 - 2:15

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1:15 pm – 2:15 pm

Sapphire – Diabetes Management & The Important Role of Nutrition
Diabetes is one of the leading causes of blindness throughout the world. Join Bill Boules, Certified Vision Rehabilitation Therapist in this session that will provide people with information on how to independently manage diabetes. Learn about the importance of managing blood sugar levels, meal preparation and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Discussion will include the causes, different types and how to independently manage living with diabetes.

Garnet – Knowing Your Rights & Responsibilities as a Client of the VR Program
This session, presented by John Gutierez, one of Arizona’s cherished disability advocates and staff of the Arizona Center for Disability Law, will provide individuals with disabilities information on the State’s Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) Program and your rights as an applicant or client. VR assists individuals with disabilities who want to go to work. This session will cover information regarding the Arizona VR Program - How to apply and qualify for VR services - What services are available to VR clients - Your rights and options if you are denied services by VR – and how to self-advocate if you disagree with a decision on any service made by VR.

Emerald –GCBVI Assistive Technology Committee: Latest Trends in Technology
Join members of the Governor’s Council on Blindness & Visual Impairment’s Assistive Technology Committee as they share the latest technology driven news about products that can assist with work and living independently. This two-part presentation is a hit year after year as the experience and knowledge of this group is unsurpassed.
Ruby–Who’s Blind? Your Personal Development Journey

Sean Callagy, Founder & President of Callagy Law, had the Top AZ Jury Verdict of 2016 and has offices in NJ, AZ, NY, & FL with 100 plus employees. Sean is one of only two lawyers in the United States to have two “Top 100” Jury Verdicts between 2014-2016. Sean accomplished all of this with a degenerative eye condition— Retinitis Pigmentosa (RP). Sean is also founder and leader of the Callagy Results Formula. He has been studying the science of producing results since he was introduced to a peak performance sports psychologist at 16, which led him to becoming Captain of Columbia University's baseball team, founding his own law firm in his 20's, being awarded 2 Top 100 National Jury Verdicts (where no one thought justice was possible), building and creating tremendous attorneys and leaders through his teaching, training and coaching. Join VRATE Keynote Speaker Sean Callagy as he discusses the science of success. Set your trajectory on a journey to be the very best you, despite obstacles or barriers along the path. Get excited about your future and its endless possibilities.
Jade – Bioptics: Driving to Independence, Even When Legally Blind

Did you know? Some people who are legally blind have been driving for decades? It’s true, using specialized “bioptic” glasses that highly magnify the things a low-vision driver needs to focus on. Join Jenny Nordine, Occupational Therapist, as she discusses what the qualifications are for bioptic driving. Maybe you could be back on the road again, come learn of the possibilities!

Diamond A – Visionaries: A Support Group for Those Adjusting to Vision Loss
Professional Counselor Rev. Mike “Big Dog” Abell runs a support group in Phoenix and provides counseling services for individuals, family members and those impacted by vision loss. Adjusting to blindness can be difficult, but it is doable! Come and try it out to see if Big Dog might make a positive difference in your life.

Diamond B – Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Dog Guides…
Meet a panel of successful guide dog handlers as they share their unique and personal stories of life with a very special partner, a furry one with great eyesight. Get the low down on the good, the bad and the downright silly that comes with working with a guide dog. If you have been thinking about getting a guide dog, this is the presentation to attend this hour.

The Vault:
You are invited for a hands on demonstration of wonderful independent living tools. This is happening throughout the day as volunteers show off their personal tools, and how they utilize them to enhance life with blindness and visual impairment. Some of the items will include kitchen tools, time keeping options, games, medical devices and some things you will want to check out. Enjoy a chance to try these items for yourself at your own pace.

1:15pm National Federation of the Blind of Arizona
1:55pm Arizona Council of the Blind
2:35pm Foundation Fighting Blindness


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