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A.M. Presentation Descriptions

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9:30 am – 10:30 am

Sapphire - Creating a Disability Friendly Smart Home
Join National Assistive Technology Expert, Bill Boules in this presentation, for the latest information on managing a smart home while being blind or visually impaired. The big companies like Apple, Amazon and Google all continue to release products that make it possible for a person with a disability to independently work environmental controls around their homes. What will the future of smart homes look like?

Garnet - GCBVI Town Hall / Q&A
Meet members of the Arizona Governor’s Council On Blindness & Visual Impairment. Ask questions, make public comments and share your experiences. Learn about the GCBVI Strategic Plan, and the issues that impact Arizonans experiencing blindness and vision loss. Come and have your voice heard.

Emerald - 11 Tips to Help Maintain Independence Despite Visual Impairment
Dr. Lynne Noon, OD, FAAO, and Low Vision Diplomat shares her expertise and experience serving thousands of Arizona’s visually impaired citizens. Come enjoy the discussion of available, custom and premade, optical low vision devices, environmental modification, technology and low vision rehabilitation services. This and more info that will help the visually impaired person, on the go, maintain independence.

Ruby - A Recipe for Success: Teaching Blindness Skills that Prepare Students for Life
Join SAAVI Services for the Blind, one of Arizona’s premiere comprehensive blindness training programs, as they share information about services available for students and young adults. The key to academic success while being blind or visually impaired is: learning techniques and technology early. Add incredible blind mentors to the mix and you achieve a future of academic, social and employment success! Let’s get started with SAAVI.

Jade – Foresight Augmented Reality (FAR)– The future of mobility for the blind
Prepare for an experience that will inspire the blind and low vision community to go out for adventures. FAR is changing the game in blind mobility by opening up the world with an augmented reality of additional accessible information for the visually impaired. This happens through Bluetooth technology paired with a FAR smart phone application. Co-Founder David Furukawa, has a powerful story of experiencing vision loss (now blind), as he himself worked as Physician’s Assistant at the Emery Eye Center in Atlanta, Georgia. David was inspired to create FAR with his close friends (who happen to have serious business and tech experience/backgrounds). FAR is sponsoring the first ever VRATE Scavenger Hunt taking place at the Glendale Civic Center and surrounding city block the day of VRATE 2018. - Attend this presentation for more information and download the FAR Vision APP for FREE from Google Play or the App Store. – Prizes available

Diamond A – How a Book Becomes a Talking Book
How are audio books selected for production? How is a book reader (the voice for a book) chosen? What steps happen in the process of making a book for our population of people with vision loss and blindness?
Come learn from the Staff of Arizona Braille & Talking Book Library: about the process of creating the audio books that we all enjoy.

Diamond B – Blind Athletes: Get Inspired
Hear motivational advice from marathon runners, cyclists, goal ballers, and even a Paralympian. Join them for a discussion about balancing the demands of life and the challenges that come with blindness and vision loss. Enjoy tips and tales of how to be healthy and engage sports to enhance your lifestyle, while enjoying the sport that is living.

The Vault:
You are invited for a hands on demonstration of wonderful independent living tools. This is happening throughout the day as volunteers show off their personal tools, and how they utilize them to enhance life with blindness and visual impairment. Some of the items will include kitchen tools, time keeping options, games, medical devices and some things you will want to check out. Enjoy a chance to try these items for yourself at your own pace.

Annex: 30 Minute Slots
9:30am Vanda Pharmaceuticals
10:10am AZTAP: Assistive Technology Loan Fund


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